Country and House Expo

Low-rise and cottage construction: Reset

Next year is the most significant point for 10 years history of “Cottages. Low-rise construction” expo-brand. The exhibition’s organisers expanded the project specification to 8 prospective sections in order to reinforce the exhibition and enlarge the target audience, and they introduce you the brand new format of the event.

The new character guarantees the target audience’s attention to the industry sector the exhibitor presents. The visitors get a great opportunity to orientate themselves in the variety of offers, and focus their attention on the topically selected specific expositions.

The “Country & House expo 2012” exhibition’s mode reflects the project’s individuality.

Country & House expo 2012

Today, low-rise construction development is a specific issue of every region’s housing policies, and the “Country & House expo 2012” specialized exhibition becomes the topical business platform devoted to low-rise construction market players.   The exhibition’s characteristic features represent complex building approach to the ideal house – comfortable, functional and homely living space.

 "Country & House expo 2012” combines 8 key sections:

  • Low-rise and cottage construction
    Specialised exhibition of objects, engineering projects, news and tendencies of low-rise architecture, interior, and technologies.
  • Wood house building (Holzhaus Siberia)
    Specialised exhibition of a wood house building.
  • Landscapearchitecture
    Specialised exhibition for landscape design professionals.
  • Woodwork (WoodexSiberia)
    Specialised exhibition of wood working machines and equipment.
  • Stoves and fireplaces
    Specialised exhibition of stoves, boilers, burners, and fireplaces.
  • Swimming pools and saunas
    Specialised wet leisure industry exhibition.
  • Intellectual cottage
    Specialised exhibition devoted to engineering and technical automation technologies for low-rise construction.
  • Countryside real estate

Specialised exhibition of villa communities and land plots.

The Country & House expo 2012 ” exhibition management team is happy to provide you with the exhibition information   Contacts link

We look forward to seeing you at the “Country & House expo 2012” exhibition in April, 2012!

Your Guide to Russia

Country & House Expo exhibition of low-rise construction to be held in Novosibirsk Expo Centre
ITE Siberian Fair will run Country & House Expo low-rise construction exhibition from 25 to 28 April.
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03/04/2012 Official distributor of fiber-cement panels by KMEW (Japan) Stand В 714
Since 2008 has been official distributor of KMEW (Japan), the world’s leader in the field of production and development of fiber-cement panels. Today is dominant in the Russian market of ventilated facades. both supplies and mounts Japanese façade panels. The company’s offices cover entire Russia – from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok. We have mounted hundreds of residential and commercial buildings, public and cultural constructions.
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The Country & House Expo – new name and a new venue
Preparations for the Country & House Expo exhibition are going at full speed. The show will be held from April 25-28 in Novosibirsk Expo Centre (104, Stantsionnaya st.)
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